Another Christian Referral Results in Salvation!

Another Christian Referral Results in Salvation!

Rob Wertheim

From Rob Wertheim in San Francisco, “Sharon contacted our ministry through Instagram at the suggestion of her Christian friends. I often receive names of people who approach us online, since many of them live in areas where we don’t have a branch. That’s the case with Sharon. We have been meeting regularly via FaceTime.

“Sharon is from a Conservative Jewish family. Her willingness to hear about Jesus was, in large part, due to the Christian friends who have been there for her as she’s been facing struggles in her marriage. We’ve been going through the Gospel of John, and before I left for my Passover tour, I sensed that she was very close to believing the message we’ve been studying. I didn’t want to press her, so I texted her a prayer of repentance for people who want to receive Jesus and also mailed her one of our testimony booklets that has the same prayer in print. I asked her to let me know if and when she prayed the prayer. I got a text informing me that she’d done just that during my tour. What a joy! Please pray for the Lord to strengthen her faith and her marriage, and for her parents, who are very upset and pressuring her, to become open to the gospel.”

Names may be changed to protect privacy.


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