Can a Tea Party Transform a Life?

Can a Tea Party Transform a Life?

Tatyana Bolotov

From Tel Aviv, Tatyana Bolotov, a member of our Russian-speaking team, reports, “Many women I meet with individually tell me that they feel isolated. So, as part of our ministry, we host occasional tea parties for women, where they can share their feelings and experiences in a relaxed environment. We also invite guest speakers, so the event always includes a gospel message of some kind. Our most recent speaker not only shared how she came to faith in Jesus, but also how the Lord gave her an understanding of the Scriptures.

“Anna, one of the women I meet with, turned to me and asked, ‘How can I understand the Bible? I have read it many times, but don’t understand anything.’ I explained that when we have a relationship with God, His Holy Spirit helps us understand the Bible. Anna told me that she wanted that relationship but knew she was a sinner. She wanted to repent and profess faith in Yeshua (Jesus), which she did during the event, right in front of her unbelieving friends.

“Two days later, she came to our Hebrew class (which is also a way for us to minister) beaming with joy. Everybody could see that her repentance and new relationship with God was genuine. Thank God! I will be studying the Scriptures with Anna as she learns what it means to follow Jesus. Please pray that she grows in her faith as she follows her Messiah.”


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