Loving and Serving Jewish Gentile Couples

Loving and Serving Jewish Gentile Couples

Tuvya Zaretsky is one of the people who helped launch Jews for Jesus before we even existed as an organization. Then, in 1998, he received a phone call that changed the direction of his ministry with us. The caller represented a group of four couples who hoped Jews for Jesus might help them find common ground despite their differences – and those differences were Jewish Gentile differences.

Since that time, loving and serving these couples has become a ministry-wide effort. We’ve developed some rich resources to serve these couples and have seen God show up in the lives of many that we’ve met. And we are passionate about seeing more of our staff and volunteers jump into this aspect of our ministry.

We are in the early stages of launching a new website at jewishgentilecouples.com and have created a substantial online presence, offering cross-cultural resources to any Jewish Gentile couples who are interested.

Tuvya reports, “From April 2 to April 28, more than 431,000 people saw notifications on their Facebook page about Jewish Gentile Couples resources.  By the end of the month, 13,831 people had interacted with us or the information on the website. I’d trained a team of six staff to help me respond, and it was none too many! I personally interacted with thousands of people who responded to our ads.  Some were amazingly open to the good news of Messiah Jesus.

“Please pray for Gary, an intermarried Jewish man whose first response to an ad about Jewish Gentile Couples was cynical and dismissive. After some public online interactions, Gary saw that our resources could be of help to him and his family.  We ended the conversation, which took place in a private Messenger text exchange, with a friendly note to stay in touch. I pray the Lord will open Gary’s heart for further ministry.  Please join me in praying for him and so many other Jewish contacts we met online, including Eli, Daniel, Adam, and Andrew.”


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